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Our Approach

Our Proven Approach

Our goal is to recruit the best candidate for the position and our client’s culture. We handle each search with honesty, integrity, and expediency. A major key to our success is our large referral network in the wine, spirits, beer and consumer packaged goods industries. Our best recruits are often candidates who were not looking for a new opportunity before we contacted them.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We carefully manage every aspect of the search process.

  • We interview the hiring team to understand the key qualifications and expectations for the position, as well as they key factors that would make the position an attractive opportunity for candidates
  • We define a target list of key candidates to actively contact from our database, referral network and target companies
  • We actively contact, speak to and thoroughly screen qualified and interested candidates, for both experiential and cultural fit
  • We provide a short list of the best candidates, along with an assessment of their qualifications for the role
  • We coordinate interview scheduling and communications between the client and candidates
  • We conduct reference checks on the selected finalists, and provide a written reference report
  • We help negotiate the offer to a successful close and help finalize remaining details for your new hire to start